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Carpet Cleaning

Our system of cleaning your carpets is designed to meet all criterion of the Australian Standard for carpet cleaning 3733-95.

Our Process includes the following:

  • Pre-Vacuum (ONLY when a portable machine is used) – with a hospital grade filter to remove dust mite skins and excretion, as well as other lung irritants that pass through a normal vacuuming system.   It will also ensure a superior clean.
  • All necessary furniture removed & replaced where possible
  • Coasters placed under furniture where needed to prevent colour transference
  • Deodorisers & sanitisers added to enhance freshness in your home
  • Pre-spray mix (containing specially formulated shampoos) applied prior to extraction – this allows the final rinse stage to use minimal hot water to ensure drying times are reduced.

We use the Hot Water Extraction method  and continually update equipment to ensure the very best quality is extended to our customers.


It is a chemical sprayed onto your carpets after carpet cleaning is completed.  It will help keep your carpet cleaner, brighter and newer looking longer.  It combines a repellent and a protection against dirt & spills. 

Brolly lets you get to the spill before it gets to your carpets, and is completely safe for use around family and pets.