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Pest Control

Pest Control Services Brisbane


It is important that your home is treated regularly for household pests such as cockroaches, spiders, ants and silverfish.

Successful pest control is about effective pest management.  This is about effective chemical treatment and practising good home hygiene.  You can never entirely free your home from foraging insects, but you can certainly make it undesirable so they never become established in your home


General Pest Control – cockroaches spiders silverfish and redbacks

  • Gels are applied to all cupboards & wet areas.  Gone are the days of having to empty your cupboards for the pest man!  This bait has specific pheromones that pests can’t resist, they then take this poison back to their nest and pass it through the family.
  • Your home is treated with the latest synthetic pyrethroid sprays that have low odour and are environmentally aware for your family and pets
  • Our technicians also complete a ceiling dusting to rid your home of ants, cockroaches, spiders and silverfish that dwell in the roof and wall voids.



Rodent baiting – “Stations” strategically placed

Flea Treatments

Ant Treatments – Barriers or Blanket options

Carpet Beetle treatment

Carpet Moth Treatment 

Gecko Treatments